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Used windsurfing sail, 2018 KS3 3.7m in good condition. Foot and luff panels replaced replaced by Hot Sails. Only KS3 like it! Window does have some dents from impact.
Some small scratches on the sleeve, but no tears.
Does not affect performance.
Overall condition: 8/10
Window condition: 7/10
UV condition: 10/10
Any additional questions?

Description about a KS3:

Envisioned by three-time world wave champion Kauli Seadi the KS3 is a rule breaking radical wave sail.

Kauli, Tom, & Jeff have worked tirelessly to create a totally new experience in windsurfing. Powerful yet unbelievably stable the three batten design has radically less sail momentum which leads to faster response times and improved feel.

The result for Kauli is a more explosive wave ride and quicker action in the air. The result for the rest of us is an amazing new type of sail that seemingly does not get over powered and maintains a locked in feel under all wind conditions.

As you drop into a wave the forward pull of the KS3 drives your rail through the turn helping you stay tight in the pocket, the increased exit energy that this generates adds a new dimension to your riding, with more power and speed turns gauge deeper and throw more spray.

The KS3 is the most powerful and direct sail in our line and riders are encouraged to use smaller sizes and benefit from the increased maneuverability that this offers.
Kauli is in love with his new sail and that alone says a lot.

Sail Feature:

  • Kauli Seadi Design
  • Our most powerful wave sail
  • Three full length battens
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Large reinforced window
  • Ultra Stable shape
  • Unique “S” bend de-power system
  • Huge outhaul tuning range
  • Extremely light weight

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 7 × 6 in

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