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The QU4D is the winner’s choice for a compact 4 batten wave sail. Used all over the world from the screaming onshore of Pozo to the side shore of Oregon. The newly re-designed Qu4d is for radical and aggressive riders for use in a variety of wave conditions.
New for 2018 is the low clew option to improve down the line wave sailing. This allows the sail to mimic the KS3 boom angle that is a great new feature. The upper clew position is a better fit for extreme jumping and on shore sailing.
The QU4D incorporates our super light 1.5m laminate and ODL09 Technora which is combined with our new SlamLam® reinforced window making this a super strong wave sail which will take a pounding while remaining very light. Designed to rig on short masts the overall rig weight is reduced further. You will only need a 400 to rig the 6.0m through 5.2m, a 370 to rig 5.0 through 4.3 and a 340 for the smallest sizes.
Sail Feature:
• 4 battens
• 2 clew positions rigging for down the line vs. jumping.
• Super Compact Shaping (SCS)
• ODL09 Technora patches, FLEX® sleeve top fabric, and 1.5mil scrim super light laminates.
• SlamLam® reinforced window
• Reduced mast sleeve weight with tough 200g sides and technical UHMWPE .5mm thickness OXWEBBING® front covering the mast is virtually unbreakable.

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